Moving On

After a few weeks of running around like crazy, moving across the country, I finally have a moment to sit down and do whatever I want.

Of course, instead of typing up this new blog post, I really just want to take a nap. I mean, it has been an utterly insane time; it’s really no wonder why I am so tired.

It’s also been a weird time for me personally. I feel completely out of sorts, but then again, who wouldn’t be after packing up everything you own and not having access to those items for a couple of weeks. I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something, and the amount of time I’ve spent just trying to find my phone because it’s not in its usual spots is just ridiculous. Even after everything has been safely delivered to my new place, I’m still tiptoeing around as if I’m trespassing in someone else’s home.

To put it simply, moving is hard and uncertain, and I am currently of the mindset that I never, ever want to do something like this ever again, just as I felt four years ago when I moved into my first house.

Of course, I am going to have to move again after I finish my graduate program in a year and a half, but let’s not think about that quite yet…

I did know going into this move though that there was one thing that I would need to rely on heavily during this chaotic time, and not just in terms of how it can physically help me but also because of its comforting properties.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s pretty obvious…still not certain?

I’ll give you a hint: It’s the focus of this website.

…Okay, if you didn’t say coffee, then you should just get off my blog now. I mean, really, what else would it be?

But yeah, coffee was the number one priority in packing and prepping for the big trip across the country to my new home. I needed to ensure that I kept at least one of my daily rituals in tact so that I didn’t feel completely off kilter, and well, yeah, the caffeine-withdrawal headache would have sucked.

Now, I wouldn’t have been too concerned about my access to coffee in another time and would have actually seen it as an opportunity to try out coffee shops in other towns during my road trip, but with COVID-19 concerns, that all went out the window. I had to be more strategic with my plans. Supplies had to be purchased ahead of time. Coffee equipment had to be packed in the car and not in a box. A list of still operating coffee shops had to be compiled, with changes in business hours and ordering procedures noted.

What was originally going to be a two day trip with an overnight stay turned into a marathon drive to safety with the only stops being gas stations and bathrooms. I was fully concentrated on not leaving my car without a mask, not touching any surfaces without disinfectant, and then washing my hands with soap and hand sanitizer before re-entering my car. There was no checking out new coffee shops or grabbing snacks at the nearest convenience store. By the time I reached my final destination, my hands burned from the constant washing, and my head buzzed from the overly sugary Starbucks double shot canned beverages that I had purchased from Walmart a few days prior in hopes that it would suffice as a source of caffeine during the long drive.

Yeah, it really wasn’t the greatest road trip that I had ever experienced.

But you gotta do what you gotta do, right? I made it safely to my destination with little delay, and by the next morning, I was back to my wonderful aeropress and specialty coffee beans. I was in a different kitchen where I struggled to find the coffee mugs and an available outlet to plug in my electric kettle, but I had exactly what I needed to sit back, relax, and take comfort in knowing that, despite the hell that was going on outside, I was still able to move on. Maybe not in the way I had imagined but still in the same direction.

And someday, hopefully soon, when everything settles down, I’ll be right back to my usual coffee antics.

In the meantime, not only will blog posts be limited but so will picture updates on my Instagram. It’s not just that I’m staying home and therefore have nothing to post, but when I do venture out, I’m trying to limit what I touch, which includes my phone and camera. Also, I’m about to start six weeks of intensive classes for my graduate degree, so if I have time to write, I’ll probably be too brain dead to do so.

But as my mother likes to remind me, this too shall pass.

Until then,

The one and the only Pookachino

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