Give Me All The Color: fromcoffee

Just in case you are color blind or just generally oblivious to the obvious in life, I really like the color pink.

In truth, I love all colors (well, it’s complicated between yellow and me), but pink speaks to me on a spiritual level. I can’t help the attraction that I feel towards everything that contains the color pink.

And that is perhaps why I decided to try out fromcoffee on my last day in Tokyo.

Now there are a plethora of coffee shops to visit in the city, especially in the Omotesando area, and all of the reviews online speak highly of each cafe. As a result, I did have a rather difficult time choosing where to go that morning, and the pressure was on. When I caught sight of the fromcoffee’s bright and bold pink, turquoise, and yellow sign though, I couldn’t help myself. I had to check it out.

And to my delight, the decor on the inside contained just as much color as the signage on the outside. A quick look to the right, and it is impossible to miss the beautiful wolf mural by WHOLE9, a local Japanese artist unit, that covers the entire back wall of the shop. The image is so incredibly stunning and unique, and I must that it is something that I would definitely hang up on one of my walls at home.

(On a side note, make sure to check out WHOLE9’s Instagram for more amazing works of art. Their stuff really is amazing.)

And of course, because I’m me and have an amazing ability to turn anything awkward, even awe, in an attempt to tell the barista who had served me how much I loved the art, I think I actually scared him with my total inability to speak Japanese.

Whoops. (In my defense, I tried to learn. コーヒー. See?)

Anyway, after ordering my food (yes, I finally found a coffee shop that served food!) and a coffee (duh), I sat down in a spot that provided me an unimpeded view of the mural and then proceeded to ooh and aah over the explosion of color that was my coffee cup. I probably looked like such a weirdo taking so many pictures of it while smiling uncontrollably, but you know what? Colors make me happy, okay?

Looking back at that day, I realize that I couldn’t have found a better coffee shop for my last day in Japan. It certainly hit my sweet spot and was a perfect match for my tastes and style. A little bit of bold color and a whole lot of delicious coffee?


The one and the only Pookachino

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that fromcoffee has shut its doors permanently. Excuse me while I go cry.

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