Introversion Vs. Extroversion: Coffee Edition

So fun fact: I am very much a fan of the MBTI personality inventory.

If you are not familiar to the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), it categorizes personalities into sixteen different types, which are indicated with four different letters:

  • The first letter is either an I or an E for Introversion and Extroversion. An introvert is inwardly focused whereas an extrovert is outwardly focused. That’s why introverts need time alone to recharge while extroverts are fueled being around other people.
  • The second letter is either an N or an S for iNtuition and Sensing. This is in regards to how an individual processes information. Is the information taken as is, at its face value, or is meaning and connection applied to it?
  • The third letter is either a T or an F for Thinking and Feeling. This relates to how an individual makes decisions. This is basically the difference between someone who values logic (regardless of what someone feels about it) over someone who values harmony (even if the action isn’t particularly logical).
  • And the fourth and final letter is either a J or a P for Judging and Perceiving. These letters indicate how a person relates with the world. On a very simple level, is the individual a planner or more spontaneous?

I personally am an INTJ, also known as the Mastermind (mwahahaha). Looking at the letters individually, that means I am someone who is very inward focused, finds meaning and connections with information, prefers a logical approach to decisions, and plans.

Dear Lord, I plan.

Anyway, the MBTI personality inventory has it’s limitations, but it can be a very useful tool for career evaluation and training, relationship awareness and improvement, and personal growth and change, which is why I like researching the different personality types every now and then. Also, because I have the rarest personality type for women, it is a bit reassuring and helps me feel understood.

Now, I can’t say I know enough about all of the types to accurately determine which coffee matches anyone’s personality (I’m not a Buzzfeed quiz), but I will say that it is somewhat easy to determine who is an introvert and who is an extrovert based on his or her approach to coffee.

Case in point:

Obviously, the first post is representative of the introvert. Introverts lose energy by interacting with other people, so of course, being given a caffeine boost before engagement is a show of the utmost respect.

And I’ll admit it. This is exactly how I think in the morning. If you don’t come to me bearing an offering of coffee, then don’t even think of further draining my limited energy by talking. You are literally asking to die at that point.

And the second post? Well, when I first saw it, my thought was, “I will filter whoever I damn well please.” I mean, come on. It’s imperative that I do so if I don’t want to lose my mind.

That being said, many coffee shops follow the path of the extrovert and are very focused on developing community and relationships. Buzzmill Coffee, Cuvee Coffee, Radio Coffee and Beer, and Stouthaus all come to mind when I think of extroverted coffee shops. They love people, and they want people to love each other. Using coffee as the catalyst, they often hold community events, such as comedy nights, Star Wars parties, craft markets, and live music showcases. It’s the perfect set-up for an extrovert to get a fix of both caffeine and people.

So which approach to coffee matches your personality better? Do you drink coffee to survive interacting with other people or do you interact with other people to survive drinking coffee? I’d love to hear more, so feel free to comment below.

Your favorite INTJ,

The one and the only Pookachino

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