Color Makes Everything Better

Including coffee.

No, seriously. Color is actually important when drinking coffee. I’m not just making this up.

A recent research study found that the type of mug you use will influence how you taste your cup of java. If you drink out of a mug that is white in color, your coffee will likely taste more bitter than if you drink out of a mug that is darker in color.

Crazy, right?

Now, do I think this makes a huge difference in how your coffee tastes? No. I have mugs of every different shape, size, and color, and never have I once thought that my coffee tasted differently because I used a white mug instead of a black one.

Besides, I’m usually half asleep when I drink coffee. As long as the container is clean, that is all I really care about.

That being said, as a massive lover of bold and bright color, I fully support the use of non-white cups for all liquids, whatever your preference. Coffee, tea, water, liquor, soda, Gatorade, hydrochloric acid*, poison**, whatever; I’m a firm believer that going bold with your cup can brighten anyone’s day.


So if you don’t have any colorful mugs, go get one. Try it out for a week, and you know, if you end up hating it, I will gladly take it off your hands. 😉

Color commentary provided by: The one and the only Pookachino.

*Just kidding. Stay away from hydrochloric acid.

**Seriously, just kidding. No poison for you!

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