Making Do With Coffee

A little while ago, I found a pin on Pinterest (of a post on Tumblr) that I laugh/cry at every time I see it:


Oh is right.

Setting aside the depressing end to the post though, it is true that most people don’t like coffee unless it has been altered in some way, and I am no exception. As a proud coffee snob, I do prefer to drink my coffee black, no cream or sugar, but sometimes, there is just no getting past it. I have to add something to my coffee to make it consumable.

The one place that I know I will have to do this is at Starbucks. I don’t usually frequent the cafes of the international coffee conglomerate anymore, but sometimes when I have appointments in North Austin in the early morning, I don’t have much of a choice. It’s either Starbucks or no coffee at all.

And we all know how big of a mistake it is for me to roam around the country without coffee in my system.

Anyway, the main issue with Starbucks is that its coffee is very strong and bitter, and that is true even of its light roasts. To be honest, I could never finish a cup of coffee from Starbucks without feeling like I had just smoked several cigarettes, and my teeth were always covered in a thin film of grit.


So how could I alter the coffee in a way that would eliminate the grit and tame the bitterness without adding sugar, which often overpowers the natural flavor of the coffee? Well, after much trial and error, I have found the perfect recipe (for me, that is): Add a bit of whole milk or half and half and a few dashes of nutmeg.


I have actually done quite a bit of research on nutmeg and its beneficial properties, and in my readings, I found that…

Ha, who am I kidding? It was mentioned in an episode of Castle, and since I was obsessed with the show during its run, I decided to try it out.


Regardless of how I learned about it though, the spice really does add a little something to a cup of coffee without overpowering the flavor. It subdues the bitterness and enhances the coffee’s spicy and nutty notes. Add in a splash of cream to combat the grit, and the cup of coffee goes from disgustingly assaulting to rather enjoyable.

So if you are struggling to enjoy the bitter taste of coffee, I suggest trying out my little fix.

But beware: It won’t tame the dark bitterness that currently fills your soul or convince anyone to actually like you.

Hugs and kisses,

The one and the only Pookachino


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