So I made an oops this week. One born out of sleep deprivation and boredom.

Believe it or not, I had way too much caffeine.


I know, I know. How can someone who loves coffee ever feel like she had too much caffeine?

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. I’ll admit it: I don’t really drink that much coffee in the first place.


I’m sorry if I’ve just flipped your world completely upside down and have made you question all that you thought you knew, but it is true. The coffee blogger doesn’t drink that much coffee on a daily basis.

To be honest, I can only handle so much caffeine in my system before bad things happen. I get panicky. I feel sick to my stomach. And once or twice, I’m pretty sure that I’ve had an out-of-body experience. To avoid such undesirable sensations, I limit myself to one cup in the morning to knock away my drowsiness, and on the occasion that I’m feeling rundown or just need a break from some office chaos, I’ll grab a cappuccino in the afternoon. I never have been nor will I ever be the type of person who nurses a pot or multiple pots of coffee all day long.

But I forgot myself this week.

It’s really not that surprising when I think back to the past few days. SXSW was in full swing, which means people, cars, bikes, noise, and smells were just everywhere. That’s enough to make me, an HSP, a bit scatterbrained. Add to it that my neighbor’s dog likes to bark between the hours of midnight and 2AM, and my good judgement was just completely out the window.

So this past Wednesday, as I walked up to the cashier at Medici for my standard afternoon coffee break, instead of my usual cappuccino, I ordered the caffeine mother-load: a large, black coffee.

Within the hour I was buzzed with uncontrollable energy, and I proceeded to spend the rest of the day with the internal monologue of, “What do I do? What did I do? Do I do that? Did I do that? Did I do the do or do I do the did? Do-do. Do-do. Do-do do-do do-do do-do do-dooooooooooooooo. Do-do-doooo.”

In other words, I was highly unproductive.


So if there is anything that we can learn from my oops this week, it’s that more caffeine is not always the answer and that moderation is key.

I have obviously learned quite a bit from this experience as I only ate half a gallon of ice cream last night.

Your fine example of moderation,

The one and the only Pookachino

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