When The Day Is Long

I think many of us can agree that some days just run on a little too long.

Today, is one of those days for me, but if you were having connectivity issues with your computer and therefore couldn’t get any work done, I think you would feel the same.

Which brings me to my next posting about some of my favorite mugs.

Although, I wouldn’t call this mug a favorite so much as I just feel like it is appropriate for shitty days.

So what mug is this? Well, of course, it’s my “I pooped today!” mug:


Okay, so I would never buy this mug. Ever. I have a weird phobia that my friends think is funny, so they buy me poop related trinkets in an attempt to mess with me. They think that they are hilarious, but I think it’s just crappy of them…

Anyway, there was a stipulation when I was given this “gift”: I had to bring the mug to work. Long story short, I have found it to be an excellent conversation starter with my coworkers.

Just what this social anxiety-ridden introvert needs.

Let’s be honest: this sucker is usually filled with whiskey, not coffee, so if you see me walking around with this mug, it has been a rough day, and you may want to walk the other way.

And on that happy note,

The one and the only Pookachino

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