Coffee Is a Stitch…Or Cinch…Or Whatever

Psychology Today recently posted a blog about the reasons why we are so emotionally attached to our favorite mugs.

As a coffee addict, I, of course, have a wide selection of mugs that I use throughout the week, but some of them hold a much closer place to my heart than others. Over the next few blogs (which, if I’m honest, could span the rest of the year), I will be discussing these favorite mugs of mine and explaining what it is that makes them special and therefore makes my cup of coffee taste better.

So without further ado…

If the building was burning down and I could only grab one mug to take with me, I would grab my Stitch mug:


If any of you have watched the movie Lilo and Stitch, then you know that Stitch is the trouble making Experiment 626 who loves coffee and a small family in Hawaii. I bought this mug on a trip to Disney World many years ago after sitting through the Stitch’s Great Escape ride which gives you the full experience of having Stitch in the room without there actually being a Stitch in the room.

It’s fun. It’s gross. It’s an adventure, for sure.

Anyway, so why am I such a big fan of Lilo and Stitch?

Well, I first became interested in the film because my sisters and I can totally do the Stitch voice (it’s a pretty amazing skill to have, if I do say so myself), but the three of us completely fell in love with the movie because of the story line. Despite the odds, Stitch, Lilo, and Lilo’s sister, Nani, were all able to overcome some very incredible circumstances and stick together as a family, no prince charming needed. My sisters and I have had our own struggles growing up, so the three of us were just really able to relate to the story line and bond over the movie.

Yes, we have bonded over a Disney movie. Get over it.

Anyway, another benefit of this mug is that it is larger than average. I need a lot of coffee to get going in the morning, and the size of this mug supports that need.

Long story short: It’s amazing and life-saving.

Until next time,

The one and the only Pookachino

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