Lumberjack Coffee with a Shot of Whiskey

I got some happy news this week: BuzzMill Coffee is opening up a second location.

When it is up and running, I suspect I’ll be visiting this second location often as it is closer to my home and more easily accessible, even on my morning commute to work.

And BuzzMill has a quirkiness that I just love and adore.

Taking its inspiration from lumberjacks and mountain men, the Fort, BuzzMill’s first location, could actually stand as a functional old western fort. It’s design, inside and out, brings one word to mind: Wood. Oh, and don’t let me forget about the boxing bear that hangs in the corner over the bar, protecting all the beer and infused liquors.

Can you see the bear in the corner?

Did I say infused liquors? Hell, yes. There is a wall display that features several large, glass beverage dispensers, filled with your choice of liquor. Like gin? Well, try the Pomegranate Rosemary Gin. Like rum? Well, how about the Cherry Lime Rum? I’m more of a whiskey drinker, so I always eye the Walnut Whiskey. I haven’t tried it yet through as word is society frowns upon drinking hard liquor at 10 am (unless you’re in an airport).

One day. One day, I shall taste my elixir.

Anyway, so with all of this talk about alcohol, how is the coffee? It’s great! I usually order a pour-over (major caffeine kick), but their lattes are delicious as well. I took home a bag of their roasted coffee last year, and it was a quality supply of beans (much better than whatever the hell my mother gave me a few weeks ago). I would definitely buy my beans from them again.

If you’re like me and need food with your coffee, don’t worry. They’ve got us covered. Of course, they do have pastries (RIP Red Rabbit Coop Bakery), but in the outdoor seating area of the Fort is also a small kiosk selling BBQ. I haven’t made it out when they are offering brunch, but the pictures of their brunch items on Instagram are drool inducing. Word is that there will be food trucks at the new location.

Spicy chocolate doughnut from Red Rabbit Coop Bakery which went out of business. :(
Spicy chocolate doughnut from Red Rabbit Coop Bakery which went out of business. 😦

And students, have no fear. While the large outdoor patio encourages talking, laughter, and general rowdiness, the indoor shop has a study area, where no talking and phones are allowed.

If this place doesn’t really sound like your style, too much burly manliness and whatnot, it honestly isn’t that bad, as their selling of Queerasic World t-shirts can testify. There is something for everyone, of all shapes and sizes, behind those log walls, so don’t hesitate to check it all out.

I am so excited for this new location to open, but in the meantime, I think I head over to the Fort this week and try out the new Pumpkin Whiskey.

You should too.

Have a spooktacular Halloween, everyone!

The one and the only Pookachino

UPDATE: The second location on South Congress will no longer open due to conflict with the land owner. Darn.

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