A Rainy Day On The Lake

A couple of days ago, my doctor told me that I needed to stay away from caffeine.


So following her advice, I decided to skip church this morning and headed out in the rain to Mozart’s Coffee Roasters for a delicious pastry and bottomless coffee.

Even on rainy days, the view is fantastic.

If you have never made it out to Mozart’s before, it is one of the most well-known coffee shops in Austin and has been around since before the third wave coffee scene developed. It is located right on Town Lake and has always received a great deal of respect from me for several reasons:

  1. Free refills on its freshly roasted coffee. I’m not kidding. For $3.50, you have your pick of up to six different roasts all day long. My favorite is the Lake Austin Blend, which is their lightest roast, but if you like the burnt stuff, they also have a dark Italian style roast to enjoy.
  2. The desserts and pastries. Damn it, forget looking dignified while eating their baked goods. One bite and you’ll try to shove it all into your mouth at once.
  3. The view. Mozart’s is literally on the lake. No matter where you sit, whether inside or out on one of the three decks, you will always have a view of the water. If you sit on the lower deck though, you can watch the turtles as they swim by.
  4. The website. This is a pet peeve of mine, but in this digital age, coffee shops need to have a clean and functional website. It doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive (I mean, have you seen my blog?), but it should provide the basics such as an About Me section and a menu as well as a few pictures. I am a very visual person, so a crummy website can really kill any interest I may have in visiting. Mozart’s though has always had a unique and helpful website that effectively expresses the look and feel of the shop.
  5. The parking. I know, I know. The parking lot outside of Mozart’s is tiny and dangerous, but if you don’t have patience for that, like me, outside of typical business hours, you can park across the street in the LCRA parking lot, which is rarely full.
  6. The holiday light show. Every year during the winter holidays, the Mozart’s crew hangs thousands of twinkle lights for a programmed light show. This past year’s show, in addition to the usual holiday characters and music, included the song “What Does the Fox Say?” as well as structures shaped like the Texas Capitol building and the Austin bats. Because that’s Texas, y’all! (I apologize for the low picture quality in the slideshow below. I am not a photographer by any means.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The shop isn’t perfect. It is full of students all the time, usually of the UT or “bro” variety, and the Wi-Fi sucks, but those are easy enough to avoid on Sunday mornings with a book in my purse.

I have many fond memories of this place, and I certainly plan on creating more.

As always,

The one and the only Pookachino

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